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VZW Symbiose has as mission to promote, encourage and implement collaboration between all cultures and subcultures. We are dedicated to strengthen social cohesion, raise the empowerment of people and respect for cultural differences. 

Vision and Method

We initiate, develop and support cultural and social projects. Our main target groups are youths and people with fewer opportunities.

In order to achieve our mission, we use a symbiosis of sports and arts, which both are unique expressions of the human mind and soul through the body. The immediate physical form allows for a communication of people from different cultures and subcultures beyond constructed and learned cultural borders and enhances tolerance and understanding.


  • Our activities aim at:establishing mutual trust between cultures and subcultures through interaction and communication based on shared movement patterns
  • giving under-represented communities access to areas of art and sport that had previous been inaccessible to them
  • supporting nurturing and development of creative talents as well as training and development of potential artists and athletes
  • establishing transnational networks and societies centered around the art-sport cohesion idea
  • giving impulses to create new role models in the fields of arts and sports